Managing Users and Permissions   
Creating Page Members
Page Members can view password protected pages on your website. Having password protected pages is helpful for pages containing employee only information, information for board members, vendors or other information that is not intended for the general public, but you would still like to make available via your website.

To create a Page Member

1) Go to the page you want to make a make someone a "member" of

2) Click on the Screen_shot_2010_06_07_at_11.19.57_AM.png link at the top of the page

3) Click on the User Admin tab at the top of the pop up window that appears


4) Click on the Screen_shot_2010_06_07_at_11.21.11_AM.png link 

5) Enter the information for the new user profile, selecting, "Page Member" as their role from the User Level drop down list


6) Click the "Submit Changes"  button


7) Click the "Ok "  Screen_shot_2010_06_07_at_11.21.56_AM.pngbutton