Using Content originating from Microsoft™ products

Copying and Pasting from Microsoft Word™ as well as some other Microsoft products, like Outlook and Powerpoint is possible, and often times necessary, but can have some unpredictable results.

Many times the pasted content appears visually fine, but when you return to edit it, you are unable to style and position the text properly. This is due to some very "web" like code that these programs use for their own styling, so when the content is pasted in, the styling code is pasted in as well, and when you try to use the editor to style the content, of your page, the editor simply can not over write the embedded code.

We recommend that if you've created something in Word that you want to copy and paste in the page, copy and paste the content into a plain text editor like Note Pad or Text Edit first and then copy it from there into the page, this often strips out the extra code so the text can be easily styled using the editor once pasted into the page

Of course, the best practice is to type it directly into the page using our editor, and then style it using our tools, but we know this is not always convenient, especially if you have a particularly long document.

If you have already pasted content from one of these products into your page and are experiencing difficulty editing your content, you can try using the Word Cleaner Tool in the editor. Screen_Shot_2015_02_13_at_7.18.26_PM.png. The Word Cleaner tool attempts to remove the unnecessary styling code from the content area, and in many cases does a reasonably good job, but again, it can be unpredictable as there are many variations of these programs, and the files are written and saved in a number of possible ways. Still, if you've run out of options, it's worth a try. You can always revert back to a previously saved version of the area using the Revert tool.