Typing & Styling Text Directly in the Page using the Editor

Typing your text directly into the area using the editor is very much like using many other popular word processing programs.

The Editor uses tools that you will find familiar with other common word processing programs.

Text Justification Tools

Use these tools to justify the text on the page

Indent and List Tools

Use these tools to create lists and indents
Text Styling Tools

Use these tools to style your text
Text Colors

Use these tools to change the text colors

Type directly into the page, style and position your text as desired

You can select  Fonts Screen_Shot_2015_02_13_at_6.49.41_PM.png  and Font Sizes Screen_Shot_2015_02_13_at_6.50.17_PM.png Using the menus in the Editor.

When you're done making your changes, click the Save button Screen_Shot_2015_02_13_at_6.48.04_PM_1.png