Most browsers these days include RSS readers, and there are many, many other stand alone RSS readers out there for Computers, smart phones and tablets.

By far the simplest way to Subscribe is to just click the Screen_Shot_2014_03_25_at_11.00.36_AM.pngRSS link  in the bottom right corner of your blog page. Most browsers will prompt you to Subscribe at that point, and add it to a your browser bookmark menu.

This is the message you will see in FireFox for example


You then have the option (via pop up) to name the Blog Feed and choose a location for the bookmark


In the following sample, it was saved it to the Bookmarks Toolbar menu


Once subscribed, users can see post names in this window and are alerted to New posts (a different icon in this case)

Clicking on the link to the post opens the post in a new browser window without redirecting visitors to the website.