Creating Links to Pages within your Site

In your browser, navigate to the page that you want to link to (the destination page)

Look at the url in the address bar of your browser. The address may look something link any of these examples:

Copy the url (address)

You only need part of this url, everything after the final /, to create a link to your destination page.
If your url looks like example 1 above, you would copy only page87.html (do not include the /)

Example 2: Copy only linking.html
Example 3: Copy only page87.html?bpid=12089

Navigate to the the page where you want to add your link (the referring page). This can be any other page in your site.

Create the Text or add an image to the page to use for your link

Select the text or image


Select the Link tool from the editor tool bar Picture_6.png and type or paste in the url you copied from the destination page


Click the "OK" button Picture_8.png

Your Text (or image) is now a link to your destination page.

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