Linking to Uploaded Files Using the File Manager

Video Tutorial
The File Manager

Once you have successfully uploaded your files using the File Manager, you can add links to the files from any area or page of your website.

To place a link to an uploaded file on the page.

Open the content area where you wish to place the link to the file and place your cursor on the page.

Click the FileManager Picture 3_1.png icon in the Editor toolbar

Navigate to the correct file and click once on the file name to select it

Picture 4_1.png

Click the OK button Picture 5_1.png

This places a link to the file in the content area where you placed your cursor.

/home/help/manual/helpv3.pdf helpv3.pdf  10.58 MB  11/19/2007 13:54

You can select the file name and change the text or formatting using the editor toolbar. You will notice that the Editor will automatically date, time, and size stamp the file. You may choose to keep or remove this information as desired.