To check your website for broken links, images, or insuficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization) click on the "Check Site" link at the top of the page while logged in to the site.


1.) After you click on the "Check Site" link, you will be given 2 options:

Clicking on the first option will lead you to a page like this:


2.) By clicking on the page links to the right of the SEO problems, you will be led to the page on which you may enter the necessary information.
Picture_5.png(See Search Engine Optimization to learn how to edit the information)

Clicking on the second option will lead you to a page like this:

3.) If you notice an error on a link, image, or video, you may click on the page link ABOVE the error, which will bring you to the correct page with the damaged link.  From here you can fix the broken link, image, or video directly.

note: clicking directly on the link next to the error will bring up this notice: