A few facts about Slates™ and Tablets.


  • A Slate is essentially a place holder in a web page, from which you can easily create and link to many more pages.

  • We created Slates, you have never used them before. They represent a totally different way of thinking about web pages, so you'll need to adjust your logic accordingly and discard some preconceived notions about web sites. Slates are the journals of writers, the canvas of painters and the printing press of digital publishing.

  • Any Single Page in our system can be used as a Slate. There can only be 1 Slate associated with any given page. You can not have 2 Slates on 1 page.

  • Slates contain Tablets. A single Slate can contain many Tablets.

  • Tablets are really where everything happens on your Slate. You give your Slate a title, but the Tablets are where the story is told.

  • Using Tablets on Slates you can create and link to vast amounts of content from a single web page.

  • As you create Tablets on your Slate, the navigation and links are created automatically.

  • You don't need to create Tablets in any particular order. You can "drag" to reorder your Tablets at any time.

  • Tablets can contain the same content as any normal web page. Text, images, links, files, movies, audio, galleries, calendars and rss feeds.

  • Tablets can be set to notify visitors who subscribe to page changes.