E Mail Settings

Set up your email client using the following.

*Very Important!

Please configure the account manually as a new POP3 Account (We do not support IMAP accounts, and both the new Mac OS and Windows 10 default to the IMAP account type, so you must choose to manually add/configure the account when first setting it up)

Manually Configure a new account as a POP3 using the following settings 
Account TypePOP 3 (Please, no IMAP!)
Username: you@yourdomain.com
Password: Use the email account’s password
Incoming Mail POP Server: server1.northbayweb.com
Incoming POP Port995

Outgoing Mail SMTP Server:
Outgoing Mail SMTP Port465 or 587

Use SSLOn √
Authentication TypePassword


Your settings window and options will vary depending on the email program you use, but in general will look something like this:


If your email program supports it, you can also change the settings so they Automatically Manage the connection settings (port and security) per the below screen shot (from MacMail)