Adding Widgets/Gadgets to Your Website

You can easily add a variety of widgets to your website.
These include things such as the various "widgets" you'll find at Google Gadgets.

To add one of Google's gadgets you'll want to go here to Google's list of gadgets for your website.
Find the gadget you would like to add.

For example if you want to add the weather gadget to your website, on Google's page find that gadget, click the "add to your webpage" button below the thumbnail.

Google weather gadget screenshot

Each gadget will have various options that you can fill out, such as width and height, etc...
After you have customized your gadget, click get the code.  You'll want to select and copy all the code.

Open the area of your page where you wish to place the Widget.

Click on the movie tool in the editor tool bar movie_tool.png

Paste the copied widget code into the box

Widget code

Click OK to embed the object into the page.

Save your changes to the area Screen_Shot_2015_02_13_at_6.48.04_PM_1.png