Creating and Using Tables   
Moving or copying tables
It is possible to move or copy a table after it has been created.

Like many things in our system, there are several ways to accomplish this, each with their own results depending on what the table looks like.

Method 1
1) When "previewing" the site (click preview at top when logged in) Select the table by click-dragging your curser from the beginning of the table to the end (outside upper left to outside lower right or the other way around)

2) Select Copy from the edit menu

3) Return to edit mode, open the content area, place your curser where you want the table and "paste"

This works in many situations as long as you get the complete table, the most common mistake people make is selecting the table from inside the first or last cell rather than from outside the frame of the table itself.

*I wouldn't recommend doing this on pages not on your site as it can have unpredictable results.

Method 2
Follow the above procedure while actually editing the area. If you're careful this works fine.

Method 3 (if you're not afraid of HTML)
In edit mode, open the content area and click on the HTML Source tool (< >) top right on the toolbar. If you know what you're looking for, locate the table code and select and copy it in the raw html.

While viewing the raw HTML, scroll to the location where you want to place the table and paste the copied code.