Creating and Using Tables   
Column Widths and Row Height
Table Width
 The width of your table can be set as a number (which is measured in pixels, a screen unit) or as a percentage of the width of your web page.

Column Width
Along with the table width the individual column widths can be set. When the table is first created the column widths will all be equal. You can change individual columns to different widths by editing the table after you save it first. Read the instructions in the editing section below.

Row Height
Row height determines the overall height of each cell in all rows. Begin with a small number, especially if you know that you won't have more than one line of text in the columns.

(The sample table below uses all of the default values listed for tables)
Title Name
E Mail
Mr. Smith
(555) 555-1212
Ms. Taylor
(555) 555-1213