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Publishing Pages
Publishing PagesSummary: At any time, you can choose to "Publish" (Show) or "Unpublish" (Hide) a page on your web site. "Unpublishing" pages allows you to continue to work on them until they are ready to publish.
Unpublished pages are only visible to the editor of the page, so you are free to view and work on them until they are ready to "publish" again. In other cases, you may simply want to have a page that you can link to, but doesn't appear to the visitor in the navigation. In this case the page is still "live" but essentially "unlisted".

To Publish or Un-publish a page

1) When Logged in, in edit mode, navigate to the page that you want to Publish or Un-publish (tip: new pages are published by default when you create them, if you want to work on it for awhile before visitors see it, create the new page and then immediately un-publish it. Only editors can see unpublished pages.)

2) Click the "Settings" Screen_Shot_2020_04_28_at_11.21.16_AM_1.png link in the Admin bar at the top of the window

3) Select the  Page Settings Tab Picture_5.png
4) Add/Remove the √ from the "Published" box Picture_7.png

5) Click "Ok" Picture_8.pngto save your changes