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Adding Alternate Text to your Images for Accessibility
Alternate text on images and graphics can be read by devices that help those with disabilities access and understand the content of the page. Alternate text is a simple caption or summary of the image being displayed. If, for example, you use a photo of your newsletter to link to your newsletter, you would want to include some alternate text to explain what the photo is to your non-sighted visitors or those needing other assistance. This caption can be something as simple as "graphic link to our newsletter". When the assisted device reaches the graphic in the content it will alert the visitor audibly and read the alternate text. 

Alternate text can be added quite easily using the built in Image Manager. Screen_Shot_2015_02_14_at_9.17.37_AM.png

Add and/or highlight the image or graphic in your content
Wild Fire Web Logo graphic used as sample

Click the Image Manager icon 

Highlight the existing text in the Alternate Text box and replace it with text that will help to identify the image. 


Click OK to save your changes

For additional information on Accessibility Standards, Click Here