Creating Directories & Organizing Your Files   
Creating and Naming Directories

Using the File Manager to Organize your Files And Folders

Use the File ManagerFile manager icon to organize your files and folders to make it easier for you to develop your web site and edit it at a future date.

File manager screenshot

If you have other types of files, such as .pdf,  audio or an Excel spreadsheet that you will be placing and linking to on your web site then it is best practice to place these files in their own folders. Also, if you wish to further segregate similar files into sub groups, such as images of animals and birds you can create a new folder within an existing folder. In the example here you would create a birds folder and an animals folder inside of the images folder.

1. To create a new folder click on the new folder icon. New folder icon

2. In the pop up window type the name of the new folder and then click the "OK" button on the lower
right side of the window.

Name your new folder here

3. The window will close and your new folder will be placed in the file manager window.

Your folders in the file manager.

If you want to add a sub folder to an existing folder you can open the folder by clicking on the underlined folder name and then following the procedure as outlined above.