Using Google Calendars   
Embedding a Google Calendar in your page
Summary: You can use Google calendars on your web site. Follow the instructions below to embed a Google calendar on your page.
(These instructions assume you already have a Google account, and have created a Google calendar)

Sign in to your Google account and navigate to your Calendar (or create a new one)

Click the "Manage Calendars Link (in the left column)Picture_5.png

Under Sharing, click the Shared: Edit Settings link

Click the "Calendar Details" tab

Scroll down to "Embed this Calendar"
Copy the "iframe" code from box (select all, copy)

Close your Google calendar

Go to the Calendar page on your site and log in.

Click the green "Edit" buttonPicture_10.png
Click the "View HTML" button in the top row of the editor toolbar. Picture_11.png

Paste your copied code into the box


Click "Hide HTML"Picture_13.png

**Depending on your browser, you may see the following message appear.

Disregard the message and click the "Save" button Picture_15.png

Your calendar should now appear on the page!