Using Google Calendars   
Adding an Upcoming Events Agenda List using your Google Calendar
To add a custom Google Calendar view, similar to our "Upcoming Events" calendar view on most school home pages, perform the following:

Get the code
  • Log into your Google account and go to your Calendar
  • Click on the Calendar Settings Icon and select "Settings" from the drop down menu Screen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.21.35_PM.pngScreen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.21.52_PM.png
  • In Calendar setting, click the Calendars Link (to the right of the General link) Screen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.22.07_PM.png
  • Select the Calendar you want to get the code for (click the name of the calendar to select it)
  • Where it says, Embed This Calendar, to the right and just above the Calendar Embed code, click the Customize the color, size and other options link Screen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.23.20_PM.png
In the left column of your Google Calendar Settings page
  • Click  "Agenda" (Default View) Screen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.23.38_PM.png
  • Choose the options you want to display from the "Show" menu
  • Select a width & height for the new Agenda view (740px is the max width of the main content area, 220px is the max width of the right column)
  • Change any other options available, i.e., color, language etc.
Add the code to any area on your website
  • Open the appropriate area (the area where you want your Event list to appear)
  • Place your cursor on the page in the appropriate area
  • Click the "Movie" tool in the editor toolbar Screen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.17.47_PM.png
  • Paste the code into the pop up code box
  • Click OK Screen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.19.03_PM.png and Save Screen_shot_2012_09_05_at_3.20.44_PM.png your changes to the area.
  • *Alternatively, you can copy the resulting code from the box at the top of the screen and send it to us with instructions of where it should be placed.